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Step 1: Work out the basics

The advantage of a Duro-Shed pool shed or cabana (beyond their durability!) is the fact you have real choice in size, style and function. You can always add customizations like an architectural feature once you have the basics worked out. To choose your cabana consider the following:

  • What is the primary function of your pool shed or cabana?
  • How much room do you have and where do you want to install a shed on your property?
  • How much access and natural lighting do you need?
  • How should the shed look to complement your home and yard?

Step 2: Choose a style of pool shed / cabana

Our pool sheds and cabanas come in a variety of styles primarily based on the roofline and number of walls. We can build straight over your pool eqiuipment with the exact size and window/door configuration that will work best for you!

  • A versatile and economical style
  • Single centre peak roofline
  • Options in doors and windows
5 Sided Cabana
  • Sloping roof to a centre peak
  • Options in doors and windows
Hip Roof Pool
  • Customize from an existing style or start from scratch
Custom Pool Sheds

Step 3: Make it great!

Customize your shed with ease

The beauty of a Duro-Shed shed is the variety of available customizations. Wanting more natural light? No problem, we’ll add additional windows. Need easier access for large items? We’ll happily add double doors. Looking for a particular siding, architectural style or trim? We have a variety to choose from and can also custom create exact to your specifications. View the available options >

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